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Greater complexity increases development times. Our proven manual approach increases speed-to-market during the development phase.

Take advantage of:

  • Manual pilot tools
  • Mechanical, standalone assembly tools
  • EOL testing units


Refine the production process for launch and pre-series validation. Shift to semi-automated, operator-assisted stations.

Fully automate

Emphasize cost-efficiency. Automate the product lifecycle. Address challenges head-on. Ideal for:

  • Shorter lifecycles
  • Multi-product mixes
  • Creating scalability
  • Frequent product upgrades

as a Service

Our “Manufacturing as a Service” solution covers your production needs without you having to invest in massive infrastructure. Greater utilization through shared production capacity. On demand. Modular. Near you.

  • Quick delivery
  • Single validation, multiple sites
  • Scalable across product lifecycle
  • Flexible integration


Tried-and-true production processes for assembly lines, automation, vision systems, and supplementing services. Provided mainly inhouse. Our team has engineered custom technology services for products across industries.

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Battery & Energy
  • Medical
  • Heavy Equipment

One-stop shop

MiraMotion works with industry experts who maintain today’s top-selling products while keeping an eye on tomorrow’s new demands.
We get it. Nurturing young products is time-consuming and challenging. A similar challenge arises for products that are past their prime. We provide flexible solutions for all challenges in a product’s lifecycle. Call us the one-stop shop for when extra time makes or breaks a deal.

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