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Modular production strategies tailored to every phase of the product lifecycle

  • Manual
  • Semi-automated
  • Fully automated

LifeCycle Mastery:
From Start to Scale and beyond

Modular manufacturing concepts by MiraMotion.

We shoulder the transformation from customer design concepts into tangible products. Our production options ensure you have the end-to-end services you need, when and where you need them.

Modular contract manufacturing is performed mostly in-house on vertically integrated production lines. That’s our solution for your global production and sourcing needs. Comprehensive. Start to finish.


We run a state-of-the-art production infrastructure, integrating multiple technologies to enhance product quality and efficiency.

Electric powertrain
Busbar Connector, Power Distribution Unit, High Voltage Connector

Safety Technology
ADAS Sensors, Lead Frames and Shields

Cable Harnesses
High voltage Cable Set, CCS-2 Charger, Connector, Actuator Unlock Pull Cable

Demand-driven contract
manufacturing solutions

Rapidly reconfigurable assembly lines address demands for A-, B-, C-, and D-samples.

The modular quality makes it possible for production to be 100% manual or entirely autonomous. Configurability allows for quick adjustments in production volumes, which minimizes the risk of excess inventory or supply shortages.

Local roots,
global standards

This cross-border and site-specific approach is the competitive edge we offer. It is how we provide customization without sacrificing company-wide high standards.

Standard Procedures

MiraMotion’s geographical flexibility means we use the same equipment whenever possible, no matter where our experts are needed—be it across seas or on your sites. As such, clients enjoy a smooth production ramp-up even when adding new market regions

Risk mitigation

With manufacturing facilities in different regions, MiraMotion mitigates the impact of disruptions in one region by quickly shifting production to other locations. Regional manufacturing facilities provide better customer support, facilitate face-to-face collaboration, and cater to location-specific requirements. Centralized training combined with consistent interchange between locations guarantees strategic planning and consistency.

Why we’re trusted

German Precision, Global Trust
Companies and customers worldwide trust German manufacturing for its precision, reliability, innovation, and attention to regulation. With over 30 years of experience serving top Tier 2 clients, our enduring partnerships have taught us the value of maintaining a customer focus while always keeping an eye toward efficiency.

Commitment to Control and Reliability
MiraMotion’s sourcing is adaptable according to each client’s needs, but what we provide goes beyond adaptability and flexibility. Our company runs on comprehensive oversight and control over close-circle manufacturing infrastructures. That is what makes MiraMotion reliable no matter where we operate.


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If you represent an OEM, a Tier 1 (module and system) or Tier 2 (component) company, seeking contracting manufacturing for A-, B-, C-,or D-samples, one of our representatives would be happy to discuss possible solutions.

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