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and concept parts

Solution: Prototypes and first-batch production
Phase: Time-to-market
Budget: Low to medium

Greater complexity increases development time. Our proven manual approach increases speed-to-market during the development phase.

Take advantage of:
• Manual pilot tools
• Mechanical, standalone assembly tools
• EOL testing units


Solution: Pilot and low-volume series production
Phase: Time-to-market and time-to-volume
Budget: Medium

Our cost-effective solutions serve clients’ sourcing needs throughout the product lifecycle. Semi-automated, operator-assisted stations refine production processes for launches and lower-volume series.


Solution: Validation parts and production series
Phase: Series
Budget: Medium to comprehensive

Our automation architecture provides scalable individual components and sub-module assemblies at any entry point.

  • Semi or fully automated assembly lines
  • Product-specific, automated,
    standalone assembly lines
  • Modular production cells
  • Inspection and vision-system units

Adaptive solutions built on years of experience, using cutting-edge manufacturing technology. Superior quality and robust performance during series and peak production. Here when you need us most.


Solution: Validation parts and series production
Phase: Series and peak
Budget: Medium to comprehensive

Based on manufacturing and investment costs, regional sales prospects, demand forecast, logistics, and sustainability parameters. Consistent delivery of products and service performance in all facilities. On your grounds or nearby. That’s sustainability.


Think of us as the Swiss army knife of manufacturing.
An optimum cost-benefit-ratio approach based on your key indicators. Efficient. Effective.

  • Assembly
  • Bonding and dispensing
  • Joining and clinching
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Testing, measuring, and marking

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MiraMotion works with industry experts who maintain today’s top-selling products while keeping an eye on tomorrow’s new demands.
We get it. Nurturing young products is time-consuming and challenging. A similar challenge arises for products that are past their prime. We provide flexible solutions for all challenges in a product’s lifecycle. Call us the one-stop shop for when extra time makes or breaks a deal.

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