. MiraMotion | Rethink sourcing.

Our modular production model simplifies all phases
of the product lifecycle.
Flexible end-to-end solutions. Wherever needed.

Design & engineering
A/B samples and prototypes
C samples and pilot series
Serial production
Semi and fully automated production or modular production
Peak production
Peak volume back-ups and order backlogs
Ramp down
End-of-life productions and wear & spare parts back-up


Our services are specific to each client’s needs:

  • Manufacturing-equipment design and engineering
  • Manual assembly lines, semi-automatic units,
    and automated production systems
  • Production from prototypes to series parts
    (“A samples” to “D samples”)
  • Regional production and supply networks


In an uncertain world, flexibility has tremendous value.
Agile assembly structures. A range of integrated solutions.
Wherever, whenever needed.

  • Time-to-market
  • Dual and 2nd sourcing
  • Flexible locations
  • Capacity overlap and overload
  • Peak coverage
  • High-mix and low-volume
  • Custom parts from start to finish

Our passion and experience.
Wherever you need us.

Our solutions are regional and on-location. That’s how we minimize geo-political risks, avoid supply-chain constraints, and improve lead times. Sustainably. Where we work:

  • Germany
  • Latvia
  • Asia
  • The Americas
  • Your site
Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturers
with decades
of experience

We offer comprehensive consideration of lifecycle and systems. Speed-to-market focus during development and validation. And robust performance during series and peak production. Our products include:

  • Electric powertrains
  • Power distribution and control systems
  • Battery power and electronics
  • Connectors and sensors
  • Cable harnesses
  • On-demand subcomponents

One-stop shop

MiraMotion works with industry experts who maintain today’s top-selling products while keeping an eye on tomorrow’s new demands.
We get it. Nurturing young products is time-consuming and challenging. A similar challenge arises for products that are past their prime. We provide flexible solutions for all challenges in a product’s lifecycle. Call us the one-stop shop for when extra time makes or breaks a deal.

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